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Any demolition job requires careful planning and execution of all processes because it is a very dangerous undertaking. No matter how small scale the job may seem, there are still several factors that need to be considered to ensure that the job is done successfully. If you are about to tear down an old structure, it is best to hire professional and experienced demolition contractors in St. Petersburg, FL because they have the expertise and the necessary equipment to complete the job safely and successfully.

Why Hire a Professional Demolition Team? There are several things that need to be considered in a demolition project, and hiring professionals will take all the hassle off your shoulder.

  • Risk for Injury. Every demolition in St. Petersburg, FL is a dangerous job. No matter how small the project may seem, there are safety risks that still need to be taken care of. The demolition team will thoroughly assess the area including the nearby buildings or structures. They will carefully create a plan and accurately execute the processes to avoid premature collapsing of structures and to manage flying debris, ensuring the safety of everyone involved or within the vicinity.
  • Hazardous Materials. A demolition site may involve several hazardous materials such as asbestos, dust, respirable crystalline silica (RCS), flammable fluids, microbiological hazards, and other materials that can pose risks to workers and passersby.
  • Traffic Management. It is essential to employ effective traffic management not only to ensure that the demolition project will not hinder the smooth flow of pedestrians and motorists but also to avoid putting workers at risk of being hit by vehicles.
  • Proper Disposal. After the project, there will be tons of rubble that need to be disposed properly to ensure that no law or regulation is violated. This will all be taken care of by your hired demolition team.

Any demolition in St. Petersburg, FL requires careful planning and accurate execution of every single process. Also, it would usually involve the use of large equipment, trucks and machines. To make certain that the project is completed successfully in the safest possible way, give Graber Excavating & Demolition a call today.