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Back in the 1950s when properties in Sarasota and Manatee counties were first being developed, the beaches were dredged and a lot of organic material was left behind and covered with clean fill.

This worked fine for about 50 years, but the homes that are now being built on Long Boat Key, Siesta Key, Anna Maria, Holmes Beach and the surrounding communities are much taller and heavier than homes that were built in the 50s so the foundations have to be built on more stable ground in order to support these heavier loads. This is why demucking is so important.

During the demucking process, we typically excavate the site 4' to 6' until we hit an organic or silt layer which can be anywhere from 6" to 4' in thicknes

This can be a challenge because the water table is typically 2' to 4' below the surface so we provide a quiet well point system in order to remove the water from the soil and provide a dry surface for us to excavate the muck.

Once we excavate, we haul off the muck and bring in structural fill that is compact and in one foot lifts. We work with Ardaman & Associates and Universal Engineering Sciences to ensure the highest rate of compaction.

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One of the best ways to treat a customer is to let them have realistic expectations, and then perform the service above the expected results. Josh Graber did just this and did it before it was expected. Thank you for helping us complete our project Graber Excavating & Demolition.

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